The Ugly Volvo (theuglyvolvo) wrote,
The Ugly Volvo

An Actual Conversation We Had This Morning

So I go to the tub this morning to see a tiny black bug—no bigger than a tomato seed and teardrop shaped—crawling around near the drain of our white bathtub. And so I call Jonathan and say, “Hey—there’s one of those tiny little black bugs under the bathtub faucet. Can you get him out of the tub so he doesn’t drown when I take a shower?” And so he lets the bug crawl onto a little square of toilet paper, lifts it up, and then deposits it…on the other side of the bathroom.

“What are you doing?” I asked. “Why are you putting him right back in the bathroom??”

“If I put him in the living room he could get killed.”

“Why would you put him in the living room??”

“Ok, then where do you want me to put him??”

“You can’t put him outside?”

“It’s still pretty cold outside. And this type of bug likes to be in the bathroom. I always find them in the bathroom.”

“I think it probably would have been fine outside. Whatever type of bug it is evolved before the invention of bathrooms, so it’s probably ok living in…you know…the regular environment.”

Jon pauses for a minute, pondering this and then says:

“Ok, you may have a point.” And he walks off to do something on his computer.

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