The Ugly Volvo (theuglyvolvo) wrote,
The Ugly Volvo

Riding in Cars with Boys with SARS

So my birthday list was pretty much all Books, topped off by my 'wishful thinking' Six Feet Under first season DVD, and ending with a little note that says, Other: "Be Creative (But Not Too Creative)"

The key words here were "Not Too Creative."

And I can understand (and even appreciate) the swivel chair. I really did need one and I think it was purchased more so I would return the chair I was currently using to the kitchen table, where it belongs, with the rest of the kitchen table chairs.

And I can appreciate, though not completely understand, the new garbage can. It is a very nice garbage can. Nicer than either of the ones I have in my room already. The new garbage can is actually identical in style to one of my current garbage cans, but different in color, since my new one is black and the old one is silver. It is also different in 'degree of rust around the inside of the garbage can' since my new one has 'no rust' while my old one has 'enough rust to make people wonder if I submerge my garbage an in water on a routine basis.'

(The rust is actually a result of putting my contacts in over the can and letting the saline solution fall all over the metal. When I had a rug I used to toss the old saline solution onto the floor to be absorbed, but I no longer have a rug. Part of the reason my mother took up the rugs, possibly, was to get me to stop throwing my saline solution onto them, since it was a fairly unsanitary and pointless habit that wasn't good for the rug and made people wonder why my carpet was always wet.)

And, continuing on, I can even comprehend the beach towel, since it was a nice beach towel and I had admired one that my mother had purchased for Titi a few weeks ago...

I had a bit of trouble, though, with the cheese serving kit. I do not have my own apartment, nor have I ever had need for a cheese serving kit at the times in my life when I HAVE had my own apartment. I do not drink wine, but while I do, indeed, love cheese, I am not a 'wine and cheese' party type of person.

I am the one who loves cheese. Me. I have never alluded to any obscene number of cheese loving friends or a strong wish to appease such a genre of acquaintances. And this is not even taking into account that the set (of four cheese serving utensils) includes a cheese slicer, which I received for my last birthday.

The set, I should point out, is an excellent brand name, although I can't at this moment remember what it is. So when I do finally move out of my house, I'll celebrate with a wine and cheese party, despite my reluctance to share cheese with people.
This is assuming, of course, that once I start paying rent every month, I'll be able to afford anything other than Kraft Singles, which is a big assumption and not one that is likely to prove true.

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