June 1st, 2006


Alone in the Parking Lot

I was walking through the Target parking lot the other day and came upon two cherries, just sitting on the pavement. They were right in the middle of the parking lot aisle, where cars were driving over them, but noone had touched them because they were still pristine and not flattened or smooshed. Always being one for anthropomorphism, it broke my heart to see them there and I actually debated picking them up and moving them to "safety." I kept looking back at them as we walked past, as if they were trying to hitch a ride or had somehow gotten lost and were clinging to their sibling for protection in a harsh, cold world. I wondered how long they'd be trapped in the Target parking lot before they were either saved (unlikely, unless by a small child attempting to put them in his mouth) or decapitated by the next Mercedes or Escalade to cruise through looking for a parking spot.

That was my first thought.

My second thought was, of course, "Cherries!" Which was immediately followed by the hope that, as I kept walking I would find more food...perhaps strawberries, bananas, a soft pretzel, followed by a long series of white dots that would wind around the parking lot. And when I followed the dots to the corner of the parking lot there would be a big dot which I, of course, would eat, and which would alter the state of being of the ghosts that had been following me all day (I may have neglected to mention them earlier), making them blue and flashy, and allowing me to kill them by eating them as well.

I really wanted to take a picture of the cherries, but my digital camera's battery was dead. My mother didn't see what all the fuss was about and just wanted to continue into the mall because apparently she is not concerned with "making it to the next level." And it was probably best, since we were headed to Chili's for lunch and it doesn't make any sense to fill up on ghosts, dots, and fruit beforehand.