April 7th, 2006

The Ugly One!

"Culture" Shock

I have never had perfect skin but I have always been working toward "good" skin. I can deal with "good" 'skin.
I've been trying acne products and washes and listening to old wives tales about clear skin since I was 13 and have found only three things that make a noticeable impact on my complexion.

1.) Eating yogurt

2.) Eating hummus

3.) Living in Los Angeles

So needless to say I've been eating a lot of Yogurt, since it's the only one of these three that I can stand for more than 7 days in a row. And it works...almost freakishly well. I'll eat yogurt, and it gets better. Every time. I asked my Dermatologist today what it is in the yogurt that helps skin so that I might be able to find some sort of supplement and can stop eating yogurt like I'm trying to drown myself in it.
"I'm sorry," she said, almost robotically, "We don't believe that what you eat has anything to do with the condition of your skin."

And I sputtered for a bit and wanted to say, "But I've tried it! Process of elimination...I would eat just yogurt and it would get better! And I would take the yogurt away, and it got worse!"

"That's a common myth," she said. "But there's no direct link between the two." She then prescribed me a medicine that was completely wrong for the problem I came in with and left the office. I sort of wanted to shoot her at close range with a handgun, since studies show (and I was always taught) that shooting Dermatologists at close range with handguns doesn't kill them. But I refrained...because you never really know for sure about something like that.
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