January 24th, 2006


Fun Facts about my childhood

1.) Top Christmas List Request from 1985-1989

A vending machine. While a pony and puppy both floundered about in the top five (interspersed occasionally with 'turtle' and "pottery wheel," my top gift request each year was a vending machine. I remember seeing a toy Pepsi dispenser in the Service Merchandise catalog and figured that if I wasn't going to get a full sized vending machine, I'd at least like a smaller machine that allowed me to have soda whenever I wanted it. Why I never chose to question where the soda would come from, I don't know. I guess I thought it just magically refilled itself from the molecules in the air. I have never been particularly good at thinking things all the way through.
Deprived of the high-sugar snacks the other children ate at lunch, I can only assume my desire for a vending machine meant that I sorely wanted junk food, but was more than willing to pay between 50 and 75 cents for it. Meanwhile, if I could have back all the Red Delicious Apples and Bananas with my name written on them in ball point pen that I threw away for the first eleven years of my life, I could probably feed a poor South American nation for upward of 30 years.

2.) Top Request for a Home Renovation Between the Years of 1983-1984

Kids always want what their friends have, which is why for the duration of my pre-school years, I desperately wanted my mother to install a water fountain in our house. My friend Jennifer Hix had a water fountain in her house, although as my mother pointed out, Jennifer's father was an undertaker and they lived in a funeral home. I also remember requesting a parking lot for a yard-- which was also rejected. I believe I may have mentioned this water fountain story in my journal before.

A few years later, when I was around 7 or 8, I drove past Jennifer's old house with a new friend and the friend's mother.
I pointed to the funeral home and said, "I had a friend who used to live there in preschool, but she moved away," to which the mother's face got very solemn as she said, "Oh honey...she didn't move away."

I don't know why I was thinking about this today. I'd like to know what happened to Jennifer Hix.