September 6th, 2005


Thanks, Dad.

So the window in my apartment faces the back, which is nice in that there's less noise, but which isn't nice in that any noise there is comes from this cat that appears to be perpetually in heat. No sooner do I lie down and close my eyes than I hear its incessant whining echoing up through the buildings. I have found several methods that will shut it up long enough for me to fall asleep, the most common listed below:
1.) Screaming obscenities at the cat.
2.) Shooting it with a watergun.
3.) Throwing dirt at it (Not a lot of dirt, just sprinkling excess dirt from my dead potted plants at it.)
4.) Telling it what I did to my last cat.

So I mentioned it to my dad, who nods his head solemnly and says, "You know, my friend in law school, Ralphie Mingo, had that problem with his own cat while he was trying to study for the bar-- what works better than anything is just a Q-tip and Vaseline."

Thanks dad.

In related news I had the pleasure of meeting myrch this weekend. I recognized him immediately because he looks exactly like his fantastic planet icon, but tan. He was very nice, unless of course he doesn't reciprocate the compliment, in which case (obviously) he is a huge asshole.