June 15th, 2005



Paris was such an unbelievably beautiful city which I now know quite a bit about.
It was named "The City of Lights" by this guy who was trying to drive crosstown and had to stop every 11 seconds. Before the lights, Paris was known as the city of "Intersections and horrible, bloody traffic accidents."

This Poor Guy (What Not to Say on a First Date)

So my friend Emily just went on this date with another comedian who I don't know, but it turns out he was one of the people at the open mic I went to on Monday. She said he had nice eyes, so I remembered one of the comics who I thought had nice eyes and said, "Oh, is it the guy who told {insert his joke here}" and she didn't know because she didn't know his jokes, she had just met him at a party.

But it turned out I did guess the right guy. She asked him about that specific joke first thing on their date, which I thought was awkward, since if you're meeting a girl for the first time, the last thing you want to hear out of her mouth is, "So is it true you have only one testicle?"

Nice to get that stuff out of the way up front...