November 11th, 2004


Doe, a deer.

I find is amusing when strippers go by the name of "Bambi," since Bambi (while an adorable baby deer) was still a boy. If this stand up comedy thing doesn't pan out I'm going to open and manage my own strip club where all the girls will have to go by names of male characters from Disney movies.
We can have one Bambi. Possibly a trio of girls who go by the names Grumpy, Sneezy and Doc. I'm sure there will be a HIGH DEMAND for lap dances from anyone named "Sneezy." On the second stage, Timon and Pumba...

Other Animation Issues...

Also: was anyone else confused as a child that Aladdin's magic lamp appeared, for all intents and purposes, to be a teapot?

Also also: Are they ever going to stop making sequels to "The Land Before Time?" They're up to the 14th or 15th movie, I think. Are they still calling them "The Land Before Time" movies? If this goes on for long enough they're going to have to ditch that title altogether and call them something new like, "The Adventures of Last Week," or "Some things that Happened Yesterday."

Posting a lot today.

Ryan Cabrera's new album is really taking off.
Still, for those of us following his career, he's still best known for headlining the early Sega Genesis game, "Ryan Cabrera the Hedgehog," in which he and his best friend "Tails" curl up into little balls and zip around the screen.