November 4th, 2004



I've mentioned before (I think) that my parents have always done that "ILY" thing, where they say "ILY" a.k.a. "I love you" in new situations. The best one was by my mom at the Smithsonian, where she grabbed my dad's hand and stuck it on the moon rock and got "ILY on the moon." For a while downstairs there was a jar of nails with an "ILY in a jar" note in it. I opened my father's book on his reading table to encounter an "ILY in your book," which slid out onto the table.

There have been ILYs when one, two, and three of their kids have gone to college. ILY when our first kid moved back home. ILY when we're the parents of an all-county softball player, stand up comic, etc.

I think they're hurting for them though, because the phone rang this morning and my mom got it and looked baffled and later told me it was my father, "Exuberantly calling at 7:30 to tell her 'ILY on Sadie Hawkins day.'"