October 27th, 2004



So my plan to be Cape Cod for halloween was busted by my inability to find a fish mask I liked in time, and I have decided to go with plan B, the idea I had offered up to any of my guy friends (all of whom turned it down): chick magnet.

I spent about 5 dollars at the craft store yesterday on yellow pom poms, googly eyes, and orange felt to make the chicks. The first chick I made turned out ok, but I realized the pom pom I was using was way too big, so I'm returning those larger pom poms and exchanging for a smaller size. I'm keeping the one I made though, since then I can just say I also attract fat chicks.
When I plan to put this costume together is beyond me, but if it turns out well I'm sure I'll have at least one picture of it.