October 20th, 2004


Those who can, do. Those who can't, work in medical education.

We've got a new girl working here, although I shouldn't call her a girl, really. She's cute and sort of trendy and looks around my age, which is why I was thrown when she told me she was thirty four and had been teaching for 10 years. She's a Jewish white girl from Jersey, who just decided she had had enough of teaching and wanted to move on.
And she's really nice and works really hard, but she's having a hard time adjusting. She's never worked in an office before, so everything is new to her, and she was telling me the other day that one of the things she's having the hardest time with are the "terms." This is our (for the most part) transcripted conversation from the other day.

Her: You know I told my boyfriend I had no school last Monday, for Columbus day, and I realized that you guys don't call it "No School" here, do you?

Me: (Chuckling) No. You're going to have to wean yourself off that phrase, I guess.

Her: (Awkward silence) So then what...?

Me: So then what...what?

Her: So then what do you call a day like that?"

Me: What do you call a day like what? A day off?

Her: (Saying it slowly) Day...off?

Me: Yes?

Her: That's how you say it? Day off?

Me: If you want. Or you could call it "No work," or "I don't have work that day."

Her: Don't...have work? So these phrases are all interchangable?

Me: You weren't an English teacher, were you? Because maybe it's better that you left teaching after all.