September 24th, 2004

Fack you man.

Sick again.

To attempt to get rid of my incredibly sore throat I have performed the follow acts between 6:30AM (when I woke up) and the present:

-Drunk tea with honey and lemon
-Drunk hot water with lemon
-Taken zinc tablets
-Eaten a lemon
-Eaten a microwaved lemon
-Gargled with salt water
-Gargled with apple cider vinegar
-Drunk apple cider vinegar
-Gagged for several minutes
-Eaten salty potato chips
-Eaten salty crackers
-Poured salt directly into my throat

Awful as it was, the pouring of salt directly into ones throat is actually somewhat helpful. You'd think I'd just suck it up and go to a doctor, right? Sheesh.
If my throat could talk this morning it would've said, "I'm in pain."
If it could talk now it would say, "What the fuck are you doing?!