September 9th, 2004


And did I mention how smart I am?

So my mom asked me to drop off 3 rolls of film at Shoprite, which isn't difficult. You just fill out three envelopes with the information about the pictures you want, put the rolls of film in the envelopes, and drop them in the box. At some point in the future, you return to the photo processing center and pick them up.
Not hard.

So upon returning, my face fell when I noticed that one of the three envelopes I got back was very thin-- a sure sign that something had gone wrong with the pictures and we had lost a full roll. I asked the woman if I'd have to pay for the third envelope and she said no, of course not, not if they messed it up.

I opened the envelope in front of her (to verify that the pictures hadn't been processed) and they hadn't been, of course, because it's very difficult to process pictures from a half-roll of lifesavers.

No, seriously. I am seriously that cool.