September 8th, 2004



So my trip went well. I got to perform at The Comedy Store, so I can die happy now. I had the pleasure of meeting being4mybenefit, witnessing her immaculately clean car and being introduced to "Bobas," which are Frappucinos and Slurpies with Orbit-like gelatin balls in them. (They are less gross than Orbit, but mainly look like someone flooded people's drinks with unnecessary blueberries.)
I re-united with dreamwriter55 and had a lovely dinner and walk through downtown Burbank.
I saw the science museum exhibit with the fifty bazillion cadavers and the blood vessels of a duck.
And most importantly, I have finally decided to pitch my "Corleone-shaped Lunch Snacks" idea to the Animal Cracker company.

Basically, I'm going to make them an offer they can't refuse.



I know this won't mean anything to most people but if anyone's interested in coming to my Stand Up NY show this Sunday, the 12th, at 9PM, the headliners are JIM GAFFIGAN AND GREG GIRALDO.


So basically, if anyone wants to see me swoon like a thirteen year-old girl with a Justin Timberlake poster, show up and take pictures. Because B-level comics, to me, are the equivalent of most girls getting to meet someone from the O.C. or a member of the cast of "Friends" or God or ANYONE. I almost peed my pants that time Mike McShane from "Whose Line is it Anyway" came into Legal Sea Foods and I got to seat him.

I can't believe I get to perform with them! I was just watching Greg Giraldo's stand-up on the plane on the way to CA! I CANNOT BELIEVE I GET TO PERFORM WITH GREG GIRALDO AND JIM GAFFIGAN.

I cannot even explain how excited I am right now.
Holy crap, people.

Let me take a breath.