September 1st, 2004



Do Democratic children get mad on the weeks when Sesame Street is brought to them by the letter W?

I think these stickers should be saved because if, in a couple years, we "elect" another member of the Bush family-- a George M. Bush, and no one likes him either, we can save tons of money by just turning our old protest equipment upside down. And then people will say things like, "This is symbolic of how you turned our nation upside-down, George M. Bush!" Because dammit, people love to be clever.
It would also come in useful if people were protesting 3's and capital letter E's when written in a Greek font, but this is not something that seems particularly likely to happen.

Also, if your last name were Bush, wouldn't you name your child something other than George? I would have two kids and name one of them "Burning," and the other one "AllAroundTheMullberry" and the second one I'd make go to school for YEARS and get a bunch of degrees so that he had lots of letters after his name that would (hopefully) spell out:
"Th.E M.Onk.Ey cH.A.sEd. Th.E W.eAs.E.L.