August 31st, 2004


Damn him.

So I hate president Bush because I hate anyone who makes it harder to get crosstown than it already is normally. New York (as I'm sure you all know) is a grid and going across it widthwise, thanks to traffic and poorly timed lights, usually doesn't take any longer than 2 days. However, yesterday, after driving down the West Side highway, I made a left to start going cross town. Two streets later I was told by a bunch of cops that all the cars had to make a left because they had closed off some random street. Ok, fine. So I make a left. I am now headed back uptown and am forced to make a left after I finally find a street that isn't blocked off. I do so, and get back onto the west side highway where I started. I then make a left onto a different street, only to discover that this one too, is closed off, and traffic is once again diverted uptown. I did this for about half an hour, constantly looking around with the expectation that I'd eventually come across either an enormous piece of cheese or a minotaur.

Also, every cop in the city is standing on a corner in Manhattan, shooting the shit with other traffic re-directing cops, so if anyone was looking to commit a crime in Harlem or Brooklyn, now's the time to make your move.

I made it to my open mic on time though, and did well, so that made me happy. And I know I said I'm only going to post pictures in raquel from now on, but I lied a little because I'm going to post another one right here behind a cut. After a long, dizzying, stressful drive, it made my day to get to spend time with this guy whose name I don't remember:

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Thank you

Many thanks to whatever anonymous person decided to send me a livejournal coupon so I could get a paid account. It's very appreciated.

Thanks, stranger.