August 26th, 2004


Any help is appreciated.

I'm leaving for LA on the 2nd of September and am trying to figure out how difficult it will be to get from Long Beach to Universal City (where my old apartment is.)

I'm debating taking the metro, but in NY they offer shuttle services from the airports to specific hotels-- does anyone know if LA has anything similar? Or would they only have them out of LAX?

Also, IF I can find a place to perform one night in Los Angeles, I will. I'm not saying I'll be any good, but my friends there haven't ever seen me do my act, so hopefully I'll be able to find a bringer show somewhere that'll let me in.


There's a movie coming out with Kim Basinger called "Cellular," which looks pretty stupid, mainly because one of the taglines is supposed to sound really serious and threatening, but it's the furthest thing from.
"Cellular: the signal isn't the only thing to die."

So if we're making entire movies revolving around cellular phones, why not go all out and do other appliances?

ELECTROLUX II: Revenge of the Vacuum

"Electrolux II: the movie isn't the only thing to suck."