August 25th, 2004


The conversation I thought I was having.

More fodder for allotheria's argument that I am either deaf or never listening to a word he says.

allotheria: I was watching something on TV the other day that said acting is the result of a hormonal imbalance.

theuglyvolvo: (thinking) I can see that, I guess. All the theatre people at my school were a little hormonal.

allotheria: Huh?

theuglyvolvo: The acting majors.

allotheria: What about them?

theuglyvolvo: They're a little hormonal.

allotheria: What does that have to do with acne?

And yes, the whole office is that gray color. (Or, as they'd say in England, "That grey colour.")

I promise now that I have a digital camera I won't take pictures of absolutely everything.
But it's brand new, so for a while I will. Hopefully the novelty will wear off really soon, but dammit, this is a fun toy. Much better than that stupid Potterycraft wheel I got for Christmas when I was ten...that I BEGGED for...that didn't even WORK. Or Pam's 'rock tumbler' thing that had to be plugged in in the garage because they don't tell you on the commercial you have to put the rocks in there and then leave it running FOR WEEKS until the rocks get smooth, and it makes a noise like horses running on hardwood floors and my mother was about to shit herself because the sound was so annoying.

Ok. Anyway.

This is where I sit...

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