August 24th, 2004


Full Circle

Not a funny entry. Just a heads up.

Not a short entry either, nor a particularly well-written one. And you may have heard a lot of this stuff before. It's nothing new. I'm just venting.

I really talk myself up, don't I?

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I feel weird putting a normal entry on the same day as a really long, serious entry, but I was looking at a page of "natural home remedies" and for people with yeast infections, they recommend freezing yogurt into a tampon-popsicle, and then shoving it into your vagina.

Interesting. Particularly interesting that anyone in the world would feel comfortable using the phrase "tampon popsicle."

Another thing I read a while ago (and may have mentioned in another entry) was that washing your hair with beer makes it shinier. This I tried. If you do this, however, make sure you take the beer out of the refrigerator well in advance.
Also, be prepared to smell like a frat party.