April 8th, 2004


My Hollywood Hot List

Me: Seth MacFarlane is the absolute pinnacle, but I think Ewan MacGregor's somewhere near the top-- I've really got a crush on Ewan MacGregor.

My Mom: Tell me you're kidding.

Me: Is that bad?

My Mom: You're attracted to someone that much older than you are?

Me: He's not that much older. And he's so cute...

My Mom: Are you kidding? Oh god, Kelly.

Me: What? Why is this so bad?

My Mom: He's just sort of old. And I think he's gay.

Me: He's not gay. And he's not old. He's probably somewhere in his thirties, early forties at the latest.

My Mom: Oh. So Ewan MacGregor wasn't the guy who played Gandalf, then.

Me: No, Ewan MaGregor wasn't the guy who played Gandalf. You're thinking of Ian McKellan, who, if he were on my hollywood hotlist at ALL, would be down at the bottom between John Ratzenburger and the guy who played Neuman on "Seinfeld."