January 28th, 2004


How ironic: I was eating extra sharp cheddar cheese and I cut myself.

I'm really getting nervous about Carolines this Saturday. Everyone else in the class has had their 2 writing sessions and they all sound really really good, so I'm nervous because my stuff is good, but I haven't really practiced it at all so it's not any better than it was first day of class.
Still, the teacher seems to like it and his only real critique is "RAQUEL, HolyMotherOfGod-- SLOW THE FUCK DOWN," since he is under the impression that my highly animated method of speaking will be the death of any audience member with a mild cardiovascular problem.

BOTH my sisters are coming, I think, so I am very nervous but very excited. None of my jokes sound funny to me anymore but other people in my class are still laughing at them (which is a good sign) despite the fact that I myself think they all sound retarded.

My parents and Karen are going to look at colleges tonight and tomorrow, so having the house to myself will make it easier to practice out loud without feeling like a complete frikking idiot.


But what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, so on the slight chance that I survive the evening, I think it might all turn out OK.