January 16th, 2004


Ways to Get Rid of Milk (I have no idea what I was thinking here-- I've been a little off all week.)

Let's create the completely hypothetical situation that, out of the 4 people in your household, 3 of them decided to buy milk on the same day. This would be mildly inconvenient, no? Here you are, in a house where only 2 of the four people even drink milk, trying to dispose of 3 full gallon jugs of the stuff just because your parents and Karen have a plethora of communication problems.
"What on earth am I to do?" you wonder. I can't just drink it straight-- I need ideas. I need creative ideas on ways to dispose of milk.
Well look no further, I beseech you. For having been in a similar situation myself, I have come up with several techniques for cleverly getting rid of excess milk.
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