January 12th, 2004


(no subject)

The meeting I've been helping to organize for weeks took place this weekend at the Regency Hotel in New York and after asking my boss how it went she replied that it went great and thank you for all your help, Raquel, you are wonderful-- truly an asset to the team; nobody makes photocopies and tapes boxes closed quite like you do--it all came together beautifully.
She also announced that "There were dogs and habits everywhere," which, due to its unusual nature, was not a sentence my brain was eager to process. To indicate my confusion I made my best "I'm slightly baffled by your completely nonsensical declaration" face, after which she apologized for her upper New York accent, enunciating, "There were dogs and hobbits everywhere," to which I said, "Oh, ok. Well now everything's just clear as crystal."

Apparently the Regency hotel has a lot of permanent residents, many of whom bring their dogs along, because the Regency allows dogs.
One mystery solved. I'm that much closer to catching Carmen Sandiego.

And apparently our meeting was right next to the press junket for the third Lord of the Rings, so now I'm kicking myself that I didn't go. My boss was really excited-- she was naming all the people she saw--minor characters included-- including their titles and kingdoms and I, for one, was really impressed that she remembered this much considering that I myself have trouble remembering things like my haircolor and address.
She also mentioned that she saw Gollum, which is either an indication that she has seen some LOTR behind the scenes shows or had taken an extremely powerful hallucinogenic drug.

And my stand-up class starts today, so if I don't post tomorrow, it's because I died.