January 9th, 2004


If no one is around and one hand claps in the woods, what the hell happens?

Poll #230796 Friday

Does anyone else have a problem with waiting for the days to pass before they tear pages off their day-by-day calendar?

Yes, I almost always read ahead.
No, I have learned the art of self-restraint.
No, I am at the mercy of my incredibly inefficient prosthetic hands.

I think, therefore I ____

am allergic to cats.
have a somewhat disturbing crush on one or more members of the cast of Frasier.

How would you feel about Diana Ross if she only had one, long, curly strand of hair and no eyes? (She would have holes where her eyes would be-- just no actual eyes)

If you won the lottery, what color would that make your best-friend's mother's maiden name?

Do you ever feel like every day you inch a little closer to schizophrenia?

If "Yes," is that because you have a crush on schizophrenia and are trying to make your move?

Schizophrenia likes you back. Do you want to hang out?

Yes, let's see Mona Lisa Smile together.
No, I don't date psychiatric disorders.
I'll think about it, but I'm not making any promises.

(no subject)

I'm always so amused by some people's answers to written poll questions, but then I just sit there like a a turd on a rock because it's not like I can respond to a poll answer to tell the person it's amusing.

I'll take this moment to say thank you-- many answers have a high level of amusiation and enjoyability.

And I'll take THIS moment to scratch my armpit a little.

And THIS one to blow my nose on a post-it note.

And THIS one to regret doing that last thing.