January 7th, 2004


High beams

So here's something bizarre that I came home to find sitting on the island in the kitchen, lost in a forest of grapefruits and gluesticks...

Karen has a new CD player.
That's fine. Nothing unusual about that, right? Unless maybe it was different in some way. Like, instead of it being black or silver or another normal CD player color it was...I don't know...bright lime green?

"But that's fine,' you're saying. "Things nowadays come in different colors. The only way it would be really weird would be if it were a two-foot-long "to scale" model of Claire Fisher's hearse from the popular drama "Six Feet Under," outfitted with eerie blue headlights and blasting Ewan MacGregor's voice from the back end, where one would normally encounter the bodies of deceased persons.

"Well what a coincidence!" say I. That was the very thing I walked in on and was staring at for upward of half an hour before I figured out what the hell it was. I arrived to find it parked there, next to the fruit bowl, with a license plate that said HBO."

"Well that is indeed bizarre!" say you.

"I'm so glad we're in agreement," I chuckle. "Come. Let's take tea and biscuits in the drawing room, for it is nearing supper and perhaps a light snack will lessen the blow of my mother's culinary efforts."

Nothing to dooooo

Poll #229734 Random questions because I'm bored and there's nothing to do today.

What's your dream job?

What's the best book you ever read?

What's the best movie you ever saw?

What's the worst movie you ever saw?

What's the worst movie you ever saw where you were like, "I can't believe how bad this is! Why am I still watching it?" But you kept watching it because it was so bad that you couldn't possibly not watch it.

What's my dog's name?

Elizabeth Kubler-Elves
I'll give you a hint-- it's April.

Should I buy one of those little bird-see-saw things that dips into your glass of water for my desk?

Sort of definitely
Only if you want all hell to break loose at the plant...

What should I get my parents for their anniversary?

I'm hungry.

Eat the popcorn in your desk.
I can't, it's too salty.
Oh-- really? I thought you put salt on everything.
Yeah, but this is too much even for me.
It must be really bad then.
Yeah, it is.

I'm so bored I could cry.

I noticed.