December 2nd, 2003


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Does anyone else wonder about the overwhelming popularity of these enormous inflatable yard decorations that have become popular over the past two years or so? Does everyone else have these in their parts of the country?

I've seen giant inflatable pumpkins for halloween, a giant inflatable turkey on Thanksgiving, and now that Christmas is around the corner my neighbor's yard (as well as several others on the street) is adorned with a seven foot-tall snowman, seven foot-tall homer simpson in a santa suit, and a seven foot-tall regular santa in a santa suit.
And seven feet is a conservative estimate. I feel like I live in level four of the original Super Mario Bros. where suddenly everything is unnecessarily huge. There are all these giant cartoonish characters that spend their day face down, deflated on the front lawn, only to slowly come to life at around 5 in the afternoon.

Also: If anyone else has seen this particular inflatable santa that my neighbors are displaying, the small green object he's holding is a miniature Christmas tree and not a Heineken bottle like I had originally thought.

Also also: Wouldn't it be great if they made some of these with a religious bent?
Huge inflatable nativities? A giant, inflatable, patchwork Jesus with an 8-foot version of the virgin Mary? Or if they branched out into other holidays with view-blocking dreidels and menorahs that stopped traffic? Or do they already offer these things and the remainder of my neighbors were merely blessed with a modicum of good taste?