November 11th, 2003


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Karen and I were making waffles so I went looking for the oil in the bottom cabinet, where mom keeps it. And it's usually in a giant Canola Oil bottle, but my mom always puts things in different bottles from the bottles they came in and where the Canola jug usually was I found a milk jug filled with what looked like oil but didn't seem thick enough. So I asked Karen if this was the cooking oil or some other kind of oil and Karen informed me that it was a milk jug full of bleach.

And maybe I'm just a stickler for details, but isn't bleach one of those things it's sort of important to label?
And I'm sure if I had opened the jug I would've smelt it and realized what it was-- and even on the off chance I mistook the smell of oil for the smell of bleach, I would've been tipped off if the waffles all came out white and completely disinfected. But still; there are some things you should just label.
Another accident waiting to happen? Karen's kidney problems necessitate her collecting her urine in an orange plastic container and storing it in the refrigerator next to the fruit juices. And just the fact that it's there at all is a little bizarre; it's like having a corningware dish full of poo in the vegetable drawer. Some things just do not belong in the fridge. But if it IS going to be in there should it not be labeled on every available surface rather than one tiny yellow sticker on the cap that says "Warning" with a little toxic symbol on it? Should it not have huge letters on all four sides of the container proclaiming that it is disgusting and should, under no circumstances, be consumed?

And if it did, would that stop my father from drinking it? I can't honestly say that I know.


I love hard boiled eggs. I'm such an epicure, I know. Me and my peanut butter and jelly and my hard boiled eggs and my Cream of Wheat. But I really love hard boiled eggs and contrary to their name, they aren't really that hard to make so I make them all the time.

The problem is that I like to eat them right away and I like to eat them cold. This creates a dilemma, as anything being removed from boiling hot water is, on average, at least a couple degrees above room temperature.
Not wanting to wait for my eggs, I developed the ingenious idea of putting my eggs in the freezer with all the ice cubes. I then set the timer, wait a few minutes, and eat the eggs when the timer goes off.

The only problem with this method is that if you should happen to forget about one or more of the eggs (as I did last night) you realize it at some point during the day and, rushing home to your freezer, discover several eggs that are completely frozen solid.

So far I've always been the one to find them, but I can't wait for the day I forget and someone else discovers one while using the 'ice' function on the freezer door.

I'm thinking now that it might even be interesting to fill up the entire ice dispenser with eggs. Then, if you asked for crushed ice, you could hold a piece of bread under the spout and make an egg-salad sandwich.

I've clearly thought about this for much too long.