September 21st, 2003


Hey! It's me! The perpetual fence sitter!

Just for the record:

I met someone from online once and the first thing they commented on was my New York accent. This is why I mentioned it. Because when I do break down and do an audioblog (Assuming, of course, that I can figure out how) I didn't want to shock anyone with my (apparently) offensive accent.
I personally don't detect an accent at all, but I didn't want to not mention it and then have people telling me I sound like Marisa Tomei from "My Cousin Vinny." My dad's from upstate new york (where there's not much of an accent, but "orange" is a one-syllable word) and my mom learned English as a second language so she speaks like she's a newscaster or a public service announcement.
I personally don't hear my accent.
I do, however, hear my sister Pam's accent, but she slept in the corner bedroom for fifteen years, so maybe that's the cutoff for a time zone or something.