September 19th, 2003


That guy on the East side who's nuts.

There is nothing I love quite as much
as driving into the city
and seeing a man standing on one leg
with a tulip in his mouth
a watermelon rind on his head
and a poster behind him telling you to stop smoking.

And if he's sporting a red wheelbarrow beside the white chickens, so much the better.

He wasn't there today but he left a sign.
"Gone south to visit friends and family.
Good Food. Good Water."
Black Cherokee

God, I love that f*cking nutcase.


The Ride Into Brooklyn

Me: "I like those buildings on the left...with the brick."
Dad: "Oh those? You like those? Me too. They put those up pretty recently and they're really starting to grow on me."
Me: "How recently? They look sort of worn."
Dad: "Oh no, they're brand new. They've only been around fifteen...maybe twenty years tops."

So when these "brand new" buildings were erected I was under three feet tall and my hobbies consisted of wetting my pants and cutting out pictures of trucks.

The way he talks about things you'd think he'd been alive since the dawn of time.

Dad: "My favorite is the one with the green sort of looks like a railroad station? That one's recent also. It went up sometime between yesterday and 1974."