September 15th, 2003


To Each His Own

Thanking everybody for their encouragement, let's hope I can get myself to try stand-up since I'm obviously not going to make it as a movie reviewer.

Everybody I talked to loved SeaBiscuit. I talked to two more people yesterday who thought it was fabulous.

Aurora and I find ourselves taken aback; baffled.
We never quite know what to say to these people.

Them - "Oh, I cried. I thought it was so well done. What did you think?"
Me - "Oh, I...I probably shouldn't tell you what I thought. Which one did you see? Because I...maybe there's some sort of misunderstanding...I saw the Seabiscuit with the horse..."

Ahhh...the power of cheese.

Hey-- here's something that was funny to me that will be only mildly entertaining to you, if that.
But I found it amusing so I'm typing it anyway.

I forgot to pack a lunch so I drove home like a madman on my lunch break, hoping to make myself a sandwich and stop my stomach from grumbling.

MEANwhile...unbeknownst to me, Aurora the houseguest was at the computer writing this response to my earlier post:

Bitch, if you're waiting for the moment when balls are going to make you feel one ounce less afraid than you feel right now, then you gonna be waiting a long time to start your stand up career.

How 'bout this?

Start your stand up career, or I'm finishing the after-school cheese before you get home.


The after school cheese, for the record, is Port Salut, which I eat religiously upon my arrival home from work, and which I praise daily in an animated and heartfelt manner.

So of course, two minutes after she posts her threat, I show up at the door, breathless, and run to the refrigerator.

I had no idea why she was staring at me with such a look of disbelief.

Her words were something to the effect of,
"Are you KIDDING ME, you fucking nutcase? Tell me you're kidding. Are you seriously here about the cheese?

And I, of course, had no idea what on earth she was talking about until she told me this drawn-out story that I just told you.