September 2nd, 2003


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Had a wonderful trip to Boston during which I met up with an internet friend I had spoken to for 6 years but had not yet met, along with his girlfriend-- both of whom were wonderful.

I spent the majority of my trip in an apartment with 6 male German graduate students (one of whom can do an astoundingly accurate imitation of a trumpet) and their Turkish neighbor who would show up every three hours or so and helps himself to stuff in the fridge, like a slightly more intelligent version of Charlie from Empty Nest. During my stay we had several memorable conversations dealing with the following:
-peanut butter
-the importance of not running while carrying sulfuric acid
-Bill Bryson
-hand gliding
-Catherine Zeta-Jones
-recent developments in methods of home-heating and cooling in foreign countries
and, of course,
-the joys of Microsoft Word.

It was a wonderful and informative trip and I have returned home with several goals, such as
1.) learn to juggle
2.) drink more water
3.) learn Spanish, or, rather, learn more of it
4.) go to graduate school

My favorite part of the weekend was the fact that international students have an incredibly low tolerance for humor and will find a moderately funny joke gut-wrenchingly hilarious.
When the Turkish neighbor would let himself in and announce (as usual), "I'm Hungry," three or more of them burst forth in a chorus of, "'re TURKISH!"

This statement is followed by peals of uncontrollable laughter.