August 19th, 2003



A Boston visit on the 28th!
Friends of mine who now live in Boston ask me names of bars and clubs and whether or not I've been to them and I can honestly say I have no idea. Most of my nightlife involved sitting at home watching Aladdin or walking to Star Market to buy pineapple at 3 in the morning.

Delving into nostalgia, however, I found I have many fond memories of Boston--most of which involve either food or homeless people.
They are, in no particular order:

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Is there one scene in "Out of Africa" in which Robert Redford's character is not peeling a piece of fruit?
They're talking-- he's peeling fruit.
They're camping-- he's peeling fruit.
They're making love in a pup tent-- he stops peeling fruit long enough to make love to her but commences immediately upon completion.

She's all upset that he won't stay with her but I want to shake her by the shoulders and say, "He doesn't want you, lady, he wants a grapefruit plantation."
Is this an underlying theme or is his character just overconcerned with antioxidants?

I found it somewhat distracting.