August 6th, 2003


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I've spent a good part of the past week sending out resumes.

Yesterday though, I hit a first. The company was some moderately sized publishing company but the website had a specific format through which to submit your cover letter and resume. So I cut and pasted my cover letter into the box marked "Cover Letter" and my resume into the box marked "Resume" but before sending them off I noticed two smaller boxes underneath these boxes which asked for "Name of Cover Letter" and "Name of Resume."

This is not something I have ever come across before. I had not, to this point, had to 'name' my pleading letters to prospective employers. I thought about just naming my Cover letter "Cover Letter" and my resume "Resume" but that seemed so pointless that there didn't seem to be a point to filling them out at all if that was all I was going to write.

After much deliberation I wound up naming my cover letter "Duck and Cover Letter," which I thought was fairly straightforward, but with a bit of a kick to it. The resume was a bit more of a challenge. I tried making a play off the 'may' sound at the end of the word, as in "Resume I please work for you," but it sounded so trite and desperate and embarrassing that I decided against it in the name of good taste.
When all was said an done, I couldn't think of anything even remotely interesting to name my resume so I named it "Alex."

Last night my sister and her girlfriends pointed out that I was, most likely, supposed to just fill in my first and last name so the company would know whose cover letter and resume they were.

I am not expecting to hear back from these people.