July 22nd, 2003


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I had to meet with the people at the employment agency at eleven o'clock which meant going into the city with my father at 6.
Which meant getting up at 5.
Which (since Pam was sleeping in my room) meant getting dressed in the dark.
Which led to my putting my shirt on inside out.
Which I noticed before my interview.
Thank God.

I wore the only closed-toes dress shoes I have, which are black and which I purchased Junior year of High School for use in the school play. They come in two styles-- regular black, and regular black with metal plates for tap dancing. Since it was an interview I wore regular black. It seems classier and it makes less noise.

My father lent me his umbrella which is about the size of a pen and which looks very professional--Karen lost my navy umbrella and I brought hers in with me, only Karen's Umbrella has huge red and white stripes and says MUG ROOT BEER and is about the size of North America. It didn't look like an overly professional umbrella. To be perfectly frank, it looked like a huge red and white Mug Root Beer umbrella that someone won at their prom, which, of course, is what it is.

The interview itself went fine, I suppose. I type 72 words a minute. The lady who interviewed me was about as tall as a fire hydrant and I was wearing heels so I felt like we were in that Billy Crystal movie, "My Giant," which I have never actually seen, but I felt like we were on the VHS box cover for that movie, because that I've seen and that's what we looked like. And she asked me questions and I opened and closed my mouth and possibly said something and much more likely just got spittle all over myself and my khakis.

All my interviews go this well.

I went back to my dad's office after that to spend the entire day reading in the conference room, stopping occasionally to play with the life-size skeleton they keep in there. I kept putting it in poses for people to see when they came in--its foot up on the chair and its hand in that Napoleon gesture--tucked into its ribcage, staring out the window like it was standing at the bow of a ship. That's what it was doing when I left. It looked really creepy--especially with this pirates of the Caribbean movie just out. I hope they check the room before they have any important conferences in there. Otherwise people are going to be sort of confused.

Anyhow--that's all for my day in the city.
Thursday Aurora and I leave for Ohio!
I have never been to Ohio!

Oh, the excitement!