July 17th, 2003


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I went to Ask Jeeves.com because...well, obviously because I wanted to ask Jeeves something. And I've been noticing more and more the list of previously typed searches that comes up when you type something into a subject box-- just because some of the things that pop up are so bizarre. (What on earth is "Partisan Wallpaper?")
But for AskJeeves the keyword searches are written out as actual questions. There are four questions listed on our computer and I've been wondering what overzealous people have been sneaking in and asking these things since it certainly wasn't any of the non-motivated members of my immediate family. I'm guessing it was Aurora the houseguest since Karen's questions would've been more along the lines of "How can I get my parents to give me increasingly large sums of money?" and "How can I get a scholarship to a school that has division one softball without doing any work?" What I found were these:

How do I join the FBI?

How do I join the CIA?

How do I become a neurologist?

How do I boil a hot dog?

My first thought upon reading them was confusion. My second was anxiety--I don't know how comfortable I'd be going to a neurologist who couldn't figure out how to boil a hot dog.

On a completely different topic.
I've been reading way too many psych textbooks and psych themed novels, I think. I reached into the bottom drawer of the fridge yesterday and pulled out the celery. Someone had wrapped it (rather crudely) in sheets of tin foil, and my first thought picking it up was that the celery was schizophrenic and didn't want people reading its thoughts. Not that I continually thought that for more than three fourths of a second, but the fact that it entered my brain at all makes me a little antsy.
If I'm thinking moronic things like that maybe I should wrap my head in tin foil.

But then again... at least I know how to boil a hot dog.