June 7th, 2003


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The Oxford English Dictionary has just added the term "Bling Bling" to its arsenal of words.
I'd love to see that entry-- it would be weird to see 'bling bling' printed out with those pronunciation symbols around it, looking official, teaching future generations of english speakers exactly how one enunciates 'bling bling.'

Someone posted a while ago about a pair of pants that said 'bling bling' on the ass and I'm thinking about buying those for a friend's birthday. (I'm always thinking out creative ways to lose friends; if you have any to add, feel free.) I'm really amused by those ass-messaging pants to the point where I was trying to find out if there was any place that offered custom-made ass messages. (This could be really fun. Give your more promiscuous friends a pair of 'touch me' pants.) I might just get them made for all my friends' birthdays. Maybe instead of a card I'd just write everything out on the back of their pants, like an entire essay that would start higher up but would finish off mid-thigh.

Or maybe I'll just buy them all a copy of the Oxford English Dictionary.

(And the best part of this entry is that I went to post, aghast at how many words I had misspelled, only to find that I had misspelled the word 'bling' eight times. So I guess live journal isn't moving quite as fast as the Oxford English Dictionary is moving.)

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So I went ahead and purchased a pair of bling bling pants for my friend, quite surprised, might I add to find that there was an entire bling bling pants RACK, which varied not only the color and style of the pants, but also the font of the 'bling bling.'

And this whole 'bling bling' pants fiasco reminded me of this other stupid clothing fad we had when I was around Junior High School age. And I'd say it was a fad EVERYONE had, but sometimes I assume everyone does and says the same things all around the country and they don't...a lot of times these expressions are extremely local. Back in CA I told a group of friends, each native to the area, that they were all welcome to crash at my apartment and could sleep on the futon or the flip-and-fuck.
And all of them started giggling and said,
"I'm sorry. This is so funny but it sounded like you just said 'flip' and 'fuck.'
And I'm thinking, "Is this a joke? Who's never heard of a flip-and-fuck?" And there were like 5 of them there who had never heard of it-- it really blew me away. And if, by chance, any of you are from non flip-and-fuck areas, it's one of those fold-out, low to the ground chairs that you can sleep on, often found and used in college dorm rooms when one's roommate is engaging in sexual activity.

Did I even have a topic? I did.
Does anyone remember hypercolor shirts? Because I had a friend whose great idea was that he was going to come up with hypercolor pants and even at the tender age of 12 or 13 or whatever I was I remember thinking, "Heat sensitive pants-- that sounds like it might possibly be the worst idea in the entire world."
And nowadays I'm wondering, would they sell? Because honestly, I just don't know...

And hats off to strrphkrr for dedicating actual time to showing me how to post pictures on my journal. This is a fun and exciting feature that I'm sure I will abuse in the upcoming weeks.
I will mail him a dollar for his trouble, hoping, fervently, that he'll use it to buy a vowel.

This one was taken a couple years ago. My hair's a little longer now.

And let me just comment on how much I love my mother for taking a shot of me in a big bird costume, picking a wedgie.
Really mom. Timing is everything.