May 2nd, 2003


Anyone? Good books?

Trying to make my birthday list. Has anyone read anything worthwhile recently? (Or at any point in their lives? Doesn't really have to be recently.)
Any input appreciated--I read fiction, non-fiction, bios, comedy, essays... I'll read anything, really, as long as it's really well done. I was going to go after work and wander through Barnes and Noble, but my birthday's getting close and if I do that I'll wind up spending at least 30 dollars...

Thank You So Much For Your Participation.

I am so mindblowingly excited about the list of books I have on my birthday list now. If, in the future, anyone cares to suggest anything they enjoyed, please do. I looked up the synopsis of each recommended book on Amazon and I am so stoked to get started.

Also: I walked in on my mother watching "America's Most Talented Kids," and there was a girl there who looked to be between 10 and 12, maybe? Playing classical piano. And she was really good. Not that I'm any kind of piano aficionado, but she was playing so well that it was pretty obvious to me that I couldn't even conceive of how difficult her piece was, but I kept wondering if she had the same problems that Geoffrey Rush was supposed to have in "Shine." (She didn't. She appeared to be normal.) But INCREDIBLY talented. Talented in the way that most people can only dream about being talented. And she is being judged by:
Danny Bonaduce.
Slater from Saved by the Bell.
The member of NSync that wanted to go into space.
And some woman in J.Lo sunglasses.

Not that I myself am a superior judge of music, but Hello???
Does any one else have a problem with this?