April 19th, 2003


You Have To Wonder

I was thinking the other day, wondering about where I'd find the palm tree closest to the north pole that grows naturally. (So it can't be in an arborium or anything.) And obviously it's not CLOSE to the north pole, but where exactly is that line where palm trees just don't grow anymore?

Also-- today at dinner my father turns to me and exclaims, "You know what? I love you and I love...lasagna." And then proceeds to eat his lasagna.

Please dad. Compare your love for your oldest daughter with your fondness for an occasional pasta dish. It makes me feel great about myself.

I went to the Mets game today and we stayed until the middle of the ninth inning, when the Marlins were ahead by ONE run and the Mets were up and all of a sudden the girls I was with decide, "You know when would be a great time to leave? Now. We should leave now and beat all the traffic."
And I don't even LIKE baseball, really. At least not fanatically or anything, but if you're going to stay for eight an a half innings of a game, you can hang around a little longer to see how it turns out. So I have no idea how the game turned out and in the bottom of my heart, I don't really care, but in the side of my heart, I'm sort of curious.